Wednesday, June 18

A summery Sunday lunch in Positano

Sunday dawned clear and sunny, the perfect excuse for another lazy lunch at the beach.
It was pretty busy on the banchina and the main beach so we decided to walk over to the quieter Fornillo Beach.
It's always a bit more peaceful here, no boat traffic or shops.
On the way we bumped into a friend and took the opportunity to have a rare all of us together family photo taken.
We arrived at Pupetto and this table was waiting for us: Perfection...
Seafood salad was on the menu with plenty of lemon juice and a sneaky side order of fries.
Hollys pleading eyes won Skye over and she sacrificed some prosciutto.
After lunch the little ones went for a swim..
Until a jellyfish appeared and scared them back onto land.
So we all lay dowm on the warm stones to dry and bask in the warm afternoon sun.
How was your last Sunday lunch?


  1. The photo of the two best buddies laying there is precious... just alike!

  2. Nice pics! Was Guido there? We have spent many a hour at his beach hut/ristorante. His grandma makes some mean limoncello!


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