Monday, June 30

My Secret June

Here's a little secret: I spent nearly all of June away from Positano. I sneakily pre-scheduled 3 weeks worth of Daily Photos and then upped and left for a 3 weeks of filming. Sneaky!

This is what 5am looked like on the first of June in Positano, as I was leaving.
A few hours later and I'd arrived at the other end of the country and it actually looked pretty similar..
Our days were spent moving from town to town, playing suitcase tetris as we reloaded the minivans.

We passed through some spectacular countryside..
And meanwhile the guys back home kept me up to date with what they were doing:
I can't really tell you yet where I went and what I saw, but believe me we ate well!
There was also time for some silliness, always important when working hard..
Skye kept me up to date with the flowers blooming in the garden. I missed the best of the climbling roses this year..
 I got a terrible case of the giggles in a most inappropriate place, a monastery full of silent monks...oh the shame...
I got to visit cities I always wanted to go to...except Milan...I think I am destined never to go to Milan..
This was my favourite place of all, I can tell you more about it this autumn.
And then suddenly three weeks had passed and a short flight later I found myself back in the garden at home digging up potatoes.
Welcome back to reality!


  1. Glad to have you back. So far it seems that you had a very interesting few weeks out of town. I can't wait for 'the rest of the story' as the old newscaster would say.

  2. I think I recognise the second photo as I am going there this September! But my lips are sealed. I love all your stories and especially the wonderful photos of my favourite country ( besides Australia).

  3. I live near that pescheria! Shame I didn't bump into you!


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