Saturday, July 26

A vacation in Ischia

What to do when you live in a holiday resort and want to have a holiday? We decided to take a few days off from the summer in Positano and head over to Ischia for a break. Possibly the laziest but by far the easiest option for getting away from it all as we just had to take an early morning ferry from the pier.

The morning started wonderfully, rain, winds and dark skies. We headed down to the beach with our umbrellas turning inside out and our hoods up.
Luckily by the time we arrived (1 hour 40 min ferry ride) the sun had come out so we hired a couple of scooters for the week and headed over to Sant'Angelo where we met up with Paolo who invited us along on a little adventure.
Ischia is famous for its thermal water. There  are spas and thermal waterparks all over the island. But Paolo has a friend with his own private thermal spring and we were invited along to have a soal in the healing waters.
We caught a boat across the bay, past the Fumarole beach where the sands are so hot you can bury your dinner and leave it to cook for an hour until it's ready.

We pulled up onto the beach and Paolo led us along an odd little walkway that led us behind the beach.

We came out into a tufa valley very near the Cavascura Roman Spa which is set back into the hills and has little cave pools of hot water...
And the next thing we knew was that we were sitting in a hot pool surrounded by roman columns and covered in green mud.
We left the mud on until it started cracking and slowly started washing it off, no mean feat if you have no towels or mirrors.
That little cave behind the pool was where the volcanic hot waters were coming from. It was too hot to touch..
Eventually we dragged ourselves out before we fell asleep and headed back to the beach to flag down a water taxi.
And back to Sant'Angelo for gelato with a view...

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  1. All seems fabulous , and I would say a great getaway , sometimes the easiest option is the best and so close to home , the Roman Spa sounds fab, xx


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