Wednesday, July 30

The Aragonese Castle in Ischia.

On our second day in Ischia we woke up to rainstorms.
The sea was quite choppy and nobody was sure what the weather would be like for the rest of the day.
But wet weather wasn't going to stop Skye and her friends from enjoying the gardens and pool at Casa Lora.
The morning was spent lazing by the pool until the sun decided to reappear and we risked heading out to Ischia Town.
Around every corner there was a different view.
It felt like walking through a set of mixed postcards.
Thirsty work for the little ones!
In the late afternoon we climbed up to the top of the Aragonese Castle which was nothing like what I expected.
The dark clouds were rolling back in, but the views from the top of the castle grounds were too spectacular to leave too soon.
It almost looks Caribbean doesn't it?
We sat down for a rest at the top and gazed out towards Naples.
Slowly we headed back down. While seagulls screeched overhead, Carlo got his English mixed up and commented on the noisy owls which had us teasing him for days afterwards every time we saw a seagull.
The Aragonese Castle is a lovely place with stunning views from every angle. It even has a hotel in the grounds, but alas we had to leave...
Back at Casa Lora we sat on the terrace and watched the sun setting over the sea, something that you can only see for a brief time in winter in Positano.
I think I've found my favourite castle. What's yours?

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