Tuesday, August 12

From Ischia to Procida

We had so much fun on the boat the day before that we decided to do it again the next day, just us and Holly...
We set off from Sant'Angelo harbor late in the morning.
This time there was plenty of room to lie down and relax.

And also the possibility to take the helm and drive for a while!

We found a few caves to explore...
Going inside always sends a shiver down my back!
Then in the distance we saw another island...Procida. It didn't look too far so we went a bit closer to have a look..
It looked very pretty so we carried on around the island and then suddenly turning a corner we saw this:
"It looks like Positano all gone horizontal" commented Carlo.

We anchored in the bay and had a picnic lunch bobbing around with a view to die for..
Holly had great fun, bouncing around on the boat all day..
But possibly the best part of the day was when we arrived back in Sant'Angelo and found a gelateria with strawberry cheesecake gelato!


  1. Wow , so glad you went around the corner and closer !! Procida looks wonderful and yes Carlo is right , spot on!! What a fabulous way to spend a day . Thanks for sharing,

  2. I just love how the houses curve around the bay and such brilliant colours too,

  3. Procida is cute but nothing compared with Ischia, don't you think so?


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