Monday, August 4

Ischia Boat trip!

We had already decided to rent out a rubber boat for a day while in Ischia and were surprised and pleased when nearly everyone else staying at Casa Lora decided that they wanted to all come too. So we all headed down to the white sandy beach of Forio...
and climbed aboard as elegantly as possible...
We decided that Holly could come along too, it would have been mean to leave her behind.
As soon as we could we stopped for a swim. It was about this point that I picked up my phone, turned around very fast and watched in horror as it slipped out my hand and took a long spinning dive into the sea...

Very luckily for me Paolo was right nearby in the water with a mask on and as soon as I bellowed his name he dove down and saved the phone (with all these photos on it!) Thank Samsung for waterproof phones! And thanks to Paolo for quick diving!
We sailed and swam, dived and played..
And bounced on the edge of the boat dangling our toes and paws in the water.
Eventually we had to stop to eat so we pulled in at Sorgeto, a special little beach which has very hot thermal water flowing into the sea.
But first we drank...weird kiddie cocktails for the kids...
And proper drinks for everyone else. Nothing says summer in Italy better than jugs of white wine with peaches overlooking the sea!

Something quick to eat:
And then off the the left had side of the beach where the water was so hot that at first you can't even put your legs into it.
If you like you can get painted with that special Ischian mud that does wonders for your skin. I tried it a couple of days before and when I washed it off Skye looked at me, tutted and said, "nope, it didn't work, you still look old."
Slowly we lowered ourselves into the hot water and suddenly found ourselves surrounded by young unexpected side effect of healing waters, perhaps?
Before they got too close we made our escape and headed back to Forio in the still sunny early evening.
We stopped for one last swim, and although Holly didn't seem too happy about being unceremoniously dumped overboard the rest of us had a brilliant time.

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