Thursday, January 14

14th January, hibernation.

We decided to go for a walk today in the chestnut woods near Monte Faito, the tallest mountain in the area, but halfway there we found the road closed to traffic. So we changed plan and went to a nearby farm-restaurant, but that was closed too.

Here's a photo of our stupider cat who got stuck up a pole earlier...totally irrelevant I know.
No, problem, I said, Peppe lives just round the corner from the farm, lets go visit him! Of course we called him and he was out for the day. We stopped off quickly to admire the view from near Peppes and came up with a new plan.
I'd been told about a great burger bar in Sorrento and had been wanting to try it out for ages, so we drove back down into town...only to find the burger bar closed. I immediately (after stamping my feet just a little bit) suggested another place down one of Sorrentos side alleys, but of course when we arrived there, it was closed too.
Can we just give up and go home now?
January is hard in an off season tourist resort. Especially when most residents and friends have left for Thailand But then again: hunkering down at home, long walks nearby, books, good healthy food from the garden, a subscription to Netflix, morning runs along the coast, an affectionate dog and a lit fireplace in the evenings...It'll do, it will do me fine for a month or two.

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  1. My husband and I are talking about our next "big" trip. Every time I read your blog, I want to book a ticket to Italy immediately. Especially today, as we're housebound and hunkered down weathering the aftermath of a blizzard.

    When we were there last, we spoke to a lovely woman who owns a bakery (?)/shop (we bought some beautiful espresso cups (mugs? nothing sounds right!). She said the only bad part about living in Positano was that the nearest hospital is a bit of a haul. Of course, as many tourists, we were dreaming of life there. What do you think? Would the access to medical care be your number-one challenge?

    Sorry for the long reply. (see: housebound, above!)


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