Tuesday, January 5

2nd January... and Christmas Day.

A huge family lunch, about 18 of us all together at the in-laws to celebrate the new year together. I think it is fair to say that the most amusing part of the day was watching the kids trying to figure out how to use Nonnas old telephone. We fell about laughing watching them examining it to see how we used to send text messages, before we had smart phones.
The weather has changed with the year. For the last 2 months it has been beautifully sunny and warm every day. My Dad came out to stay over Christmas and was ecstatic that he could sit in the sunny garden to have breakfast every morning.
It was so lovely that we moved our Christmas day plans from home to the beach. We ended up having a beach barbeque with a bunch of friends and it was the best idea ever!
However with the new year has come the bad weather It had to change at some point, we needed the rain, but it looks bad for teh next few days..


  1. Us too Nicki, the snowy cold weather has come. I'm dressed in parka, hat and mitts...makes it hard for me to carry my bags and coffee on the subway, actually snorted my coffee this morning trying to take a drink while I walked in - 14C to the train platform...brrrr

  2. Coffee snorting in public! I hope you had a tissue handy1

  3. lol...not intentional and yes I have a tissue all the time especially with today's frigid temps, constant runny nose...


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