Tuesday, January 5

3rd January, all about vegetables.

I woke up to dark skies, grey clouds clinging to the mountain-tops and rain threatening to fall at any moment. I took a chance anyway and went for a long walk along the coast road to Praiano and back. I even tried to run for a while, (using the couch to 5k app, which I finished 2 summers ago and am now starting from scratch).

Back home I went hunter-gathering in the garden as I couldn't face the shops. I was, as usual, nicely surprised with what I found growing:
We have every-colour-cauliflower, pink, white and green. We have potatoes, oranges, fennel, cabbages, lemons, mandarins, we have many leafy greens, about 3 types of broccoli and (drumroll.....) we have curly Kale! This is a biggie because I've never seen kale before in this part of Italy, and am not sure if it available anywhere in Italy. Dad sent me some seeds from the UK a while ago, and rather than following the instructions to plant them in late spring, I planted them in autumn. But it worked! I grew Kale....now if I could only grow avocados, salmon and Cadburys chocolate I'd be set...

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