Tuesday, January 5

5th January, and a photoshoot.

Again, we awoke to dark threatening skies, constant rain and clouds floating through the garden. Another day housebound, time for yoga in the non sunny sunroom instead of improving my running skills. What to do, what to do? Its the new year so we're supposed to be trying to be fit and healthy, right? So baking cakes is out and vegging in front of Netflix all day is out too...
We decided on setting up a photoshoot. I would be the make up artist (duh) and photographer and Skye would be my model. We settled on a glamorous Cleopatra look and a more natural young teen look. It was fun and took up most of the daylight hours.

Tomorrow I don't care if it pours or not, I need to get out the house!


  1. Looking good! Love the eye makeup...I wish I could get my smokey eye right.

  2. could she BE any more identical to your husband???(not as a Cleopatra!)
    Great job in make up (you), great job in growing up (her)!
    Greetings from sunny and warm Nafplio (sorry..!)


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