Wednesday, January 6

6th January, blue seas

Last day of the school holidays and I managed to leave the house as it rained less than the last few days. The first thing that struck me as I walked down to the road was how blue the sea was...and how dark the clouds were.
I ran/walked along the coast road for a bit, week 2, day 1 couch to 5k app, which was a bit too easy, so I looped back and walked around the town. It was oh, so quiet, I hardly saw anybody. Now is the time the mass exodus to Thailand and other warmer climates begins. Positano hibernates for a couple of months, regaining its strength for the next season.
I sort of panic at this time of year and start planning how to escape. Like last night when, oops, I booked 2 trips to London, one for each month..
It is beautiful, I know but I do wish there were more places to run or walk, one road just isn't enough. And let's not even start on the risk of being hit by a passing bus/taxi/scooter/mad driver...
I did try running around the football pitch but felt like a hamster in a wheel.
I recently bought an iphone after being a loyal samsung fan for years. I'm loving the health app which measures steps, walking distance and flights climbed every day. How many flights of stairs do you climb on average?
 Flights climbed: 84
Distance covered: 7.91
Food consumed from garden instead of shops: self-canned tomatoes, oranges, olive oil from the neighbours.

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  1. It certainly is an amazing area for walking and hiking but yes the roads are limited for running. We walked up and down the Montepertuso road many times in both directions,walked up and down the stairs from both Nocelle and Positano, as well as hiking many trails in the hills including the walk of the gods. That allowd us to eat as much as we liked! Going up those Montepertuso stairs was the hardest so you must be one incredibly fit lady! If we hadn't done all that walking and exploring we wouldn't have seen: the mountain goats, the hard working donkeys, the lady who was feeding 14 stray cats, the locals in the piazza, the olive trees and vege gardens, the orange juice seller at Nocelle and so many other lovely small things that normal tourists to Positano miss out on.


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