Thursday, February 11

50 shades of blue

Yesterday the sea did that special thing again. It was windy, the wind whipped the sea into a frenzy and stirred it up until it blushed a bright vivid blue. Over the next hour the blue became stronger and stronger.

I had walked down to the beach to take a snapchat of the waves crashing over the jetty (will upload it on Saturday) and as I walked down all I could see was this bright patch of blue. Even though I've seen this phenomemon for 22 winters I still get excited and cannot resist taking photos.

In fact as I drove along the coast road to pick Skye up from school I pulled over 3 times on the way there and once on the way back just to get a better look and a better shot of the amazing colours before me! No wonder so many locals teasingly call me 'tourista'!


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