Wednesday, February 10

Snapchats from Italy!

 This is my first downloaded Snapchat story. A little winter walk around Positano. Maybe you don't have Snapchat yet? Well, here's an idea of what you're missing..
In this video you will see:
What Positano really looks like in the winter.
Some beautiful ceramic tabletops.
An empty beach.
My happy dog Holly.

If you want to follow me on snapchat I'm @nikinpos. I know it seems complicated at first but it's actually great fun once you get your head around it!

Want to see other Snapchatters in Italy? Here are a few I've found, let me know if you find any more.

Snapping restaurants, recipes and food markets in Rome :
@Eminchilli from Elizabeth Minchilli in Rome. 

Snaps of her daily explorations around Florence and her lovely dog:
@ggnitaly84 from GirlinFlorence.

Snapping around Rome with a tendancy to travel, recently to Venice twice:
@gmcguireinrome from Gillians Lists.

Diana from Browsing Italy often in Rome and lots of visits to Positano. @browsingitaly

Laura from Ciao Amalfi has recently started snapchatting too from her side of the Amalfi Coast! @ciaoamalfi.

Linda from The Beehive in Rome snaps from Rome and Orvieto. @thebeehiverome

Annie from Scooteroma snaps from a Vespa driving around Rome @scooteromatours

Erica is another snapchatter in Rome @Ericafirpo 


  1. I've been trying to add for past 10 minutes, I give up...going to youtube :)


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