Thursday, February 18

Whats above Positano?

Today it was dull and cloudy , but we had already planned to hike up to a little village directly above Positano at the top of the mountain. You can walk directly up the steps from the Chiesa Nuova or follow the pathway around from Montepertuso which is what we did.
This point here is a great place to stop for a rest and of course some photos. It's not as dangerous as it looks, really!
At the top of the pathway is a little village called Santa Maria del Castello. There are 3 restaurants in the village, perfect for lunch after a long hike. Our favourite the Sorgente del Melo was closed so we tried La Ginestra which turned out to have great food too. After lunch in the winter it is always a bit of a rush to get back down the mountain before it gets dark. Today we made it just in time.

Heres a snapchat video of the hike we did:

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  1. I love your videos. I really wanted to go to the pine forest! Next time. Holly can walk with me Aloma


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