Wednesday, March 9

A hidden corner and a sunset.

Today it mostly rained in Positano and it doesn't look as if it's going to get much better in the next few days. Being early for an appointment in town I wandered down an alleyway that I never use and found this enchanting little house under an archway. I love it when I discover something new in such a small town, it always gives me hope that there is even more to discover!
I felt like posting something more colourful as my daily photo so I found this one from December. In the winter the sun sets over the sea and creates the most beautiful effects. I have a few special places to go and take sunset photos and this is one of them, on the terrace of the Hotel Maricanto, empty for the winter. Just me, my camera, the bougainvillea and the sunset!


  1. Hi Nicki, Congratulations for that sunset photo. It's true that Positano is very photogenic by itself but you've found the right time and a really nice spot to shoot that one. Regards.

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