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8 Things to do in Positano and 7 places to eat.

I get a lot of messages like this one so I thought I would put together some information to share.

Hi Nicki,
  I am going to be in Positano in May and would appreciate any information you could provide regarding recommendations /suggestions on places to see, excursions, restaurants, etc. If you ever come to Portland, Maine, I'd be happy to do the same.

So here are a few ideas of things to do in and around Positano.

1. If the weather is good you should do a boat excursion, either to Capri or along the Amalfi Coast... only if it is warm enough though! Try looking at Bluestar Positano, they have great boats and captains (Peppe is the best). Hire Kayaks or SUP from any of the main beaches. and go explore the coastline.

2. You should take a day to go and explore Amalfi and Ravello...stop off in Amalfi, see the beach, the Cathedral, a quick wander through the side lanes. The Lemon Tour is not to be missed, it takes you high above the harbour with a fantastic view from the lemon groves and catch a bus or taxi up to Ravello. 

3. Visit the gardens of the Villa Cimbrone, they will be amazing in May. Have lunch at Cumpa Cosimo...I always get the mixed pasta, you get 5 different dishes on one plate to try!

4. In Positano, visit the different beaches, see which you prefer. If you want to go to Da Adolfos at Laurito beware that nowadays you have to book ahead or the boat will not take you, it's just too busy!

Other than the main beach you could spend a day at the quieter Fornillo Beach and lunch at any of the beach bars there, I go there a lot.

5. Catch a boat over to Arienzo for a relaxing day at the beach, or for great music and a party atmosphere get the boat to One Fire Beach in Praiano.

6. Don't just stay at sea level, get the bus and explore. o join the locals for an evening drink at the Bar Internazionale, walk back down through the alleyways. and discover breathtaking views and villas along the way.

7. Catch a bus up to Montepertuso or Nocelle and walk back down, there are a lot of steps but the views are amazing, I do it every day instead of going to the gym.

8. Go hiking. There are plenty of trails around town. The obvious one is the Path of the Gods. Here's a video where we walk it from Nocelle to the Monastery above Praiano. Or you could walk from Positano up to Santa Maria di Castello for lunch in the mountains.

Some suggestions of places to eat other than the obvious beach restaurants are:

  • Make sure that one day you have lunch or breakfast at Casa e Bottega.
  • If you are NOT vegetarian go for dinner at La Tagliata, beware the starters are NEVERENDING so pace yourselves!
  • For pizza: the Covo bar near where the ferries arrive, best pizza in town.
  • Mediterraneo on the road at Fornillo is great, stuffed zucchini flowers are the best there.
  • Bar Bruno has a wonderful view, great food and a perfect people watching location.
  • If you can track down Bee Chic Street Food you'll have a really alternative evening. A surprising mix of Sashimi, Totani e Patate and Fish&Chips served from a tiny truck by an English chef and an Italian Sommelier. Check on Facebook where they will be each evening.
  • Gelato from the Buca di Bacco bar on the beach, it is also the perfect place for afternoon aperitivi (you might just find me there when the sun has gone down....if I'm not there I'll be at the kiosk bar on the jetty where all the beach and boat crew hang out after work ;-)

If you see me around town do stop to say hello!


  1. Love the advice, saving this page for sure. Now who will "go fund me" for my bucket list trip to Positano???? ;)

  2. I recently started following you on Facebook and Instagram and your photos have gotten me even more excited for our upcoming trip in May ... in 32 days and 5 hours! :) We're hiring a driver to take us down the Amalfi Coast and stopping at Ravello and maybe Sorrento. I'm getting mixed reviews about stopping in Sorrento - what are your thoughts? We're looking forward to our dinner reservations at La Tagliata (and will pace myself as you suggested). We also hope to do lunch at Da Alfonso (pending confirmation of our reservations). We've booked a boat excursion of Amalfi Coast with Blue Star, but we also hope to do some kayaking on our own (your photos with Holly inspired us!) fingers crossed the water will be calm. How far to the nearest grotto (the one you posted on Instagram)?

    1. Sorrento and Ravello are in opposite directions, it would be best to choose. I would go to Ravello and stop off in Amalfi, much more interesting. Nearest grotto is under the tower at Fornillo Beach.

  3. Would you recommend doing the hike from Praiano to Nocelle and bus back to Positano?

  4. nikki,
    what can you tell us about getting around on the internal bus, i have found little information posted about it. how much are the tickets? what is its route? i am staying a few weeks in May at villa talamo on via g. marconi, just a little ways downhill from palazzo margherita. My aunt makes use of a cane and anything that saves her legs is a good thing.

    1. The internal bus runs every half hour, (every 15 minutes from mid June to mid September). Tickets are €1.70, you can buy them on board or get a booklet of 11 tickets at the money exchange shop in the town centre. Positano only has 2 roads that loop together forming a circle, the bus follows the road, so just loops around town.

    2. Is this the same bus as the one that goes up to Montepertuso and Nocelle? Is that the same cost and procedure? Where do we catch it? Thanks, Nicki!


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