Saturday, March 5

While I was gone

In the last week I flew to London for 3 days, then to LA for 2 days (I know) and then back to London for a day and back to Positano. It was fun, it was crazy, and now I am home and cured of my travel bug for...well, for a few weeks at least!
While I was away there was a huge 'mareggiata',  very rough sea on the Amalfi Coast. The good photo opportunities always happen when I'm away. 2 years ago I missed the first heavy snowfall in something like 36 years when the snow settled on the beach and turned Positano into an alpine resort for a few days.
I had a walk around town this morning and Positano is coming out of hibernation. The sounds of drilling, hammering, sawing and good old hard work are reverberating around town as shops and hotels start to spruce themselves up ready for the new season.
I also came back home to find the fridge pretty empty. Luckily the garden is still providing and I have found broccoli, kale, potatoes and plenty of citrus fruits to tide me over until I can be bothered to go do the shopping.
Here's a few of the Positano Daily photos I scheduled for last week on the facebook page. This last one below broke all records for me, over 2400 likes and 2500 shares and over 1000 new pagelikes made me a very happy girl!

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  1. Although the last photo is especially nice, they were all lovely photos! Thanks for posting them!!!


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