Sunday, August 7

The other Blue Grotto (Palinuro not Capri)

Everyone has heard of the Blue Grotto in Capri, right? Amazing blue waters inside a cave that you are rowed into on a small boat, a must when visiting the island, most say.
But then you go and have to wait for up to an hour and a half due to the sheer amount of tourists clamouring to see the cave. Then you have to pay €13.50 per person and within about 3 minutes you find yourself back outside and being hassled for extortionate tips from the boatmen...

 Well, the other day we went on a small road trip down to Palinuro, a small coastal town on the Cilento Coast, about a 2 1/2 hour drive from Positano.
Palinuro has its own, less famous Blue Grotto and I have to say it was an absolute gem. We paid €15 for a 2 1/2 boat trip around the coast, included in the price was a visit to the Blue Grotto, or Grotta Azzurra as it is known in Italian.

First of all we noticed the size of the cave, it was way bigger than Capris Blue Grotto. You have to go right into the back of the cave to see the blue water.

The best thing about the visit was that it was just us. There were no other boats, no waiting to get in for hours on end, no boatmen screaming for tips, no entrance fee. Nobody. But.Us...

It was amazing, really worth the visit. We stayed in for as long as we wanted and then were taken along the rest of the coastline to see the Natural Arch (Arco Naturale),similar to Durdle Door in Devon, the Bay of Good Sleep (La Baia di Buon Dormire)which reminded us of beaches in Thailand and a few other caves and bays too. 

Here's my snapchat video of the road trip and the boat tour in Palinuro:

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  1. This is a beautiful place ❤
    Real sand! Like in Bermuda!


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