Wednesday, August 17

White Water Kayaking in Cilento

Now, this is something we have wanted to do for ages. Once we had booked our trip to Palinuro, I also booked us in for some white water river action in the Cilento National Park.  Campobase is based on the beautiful Tanagro River and also handily right next door to the incredible cave system, the Grotte di Pertosa, also well worth a visit.

First of all we were briefed on how to sit in and manage the kayaks, which handled quite differently from the sea kayaks that we use in Positano. We were kitted out in incredibly stylish wetsuits, jackets, life-vests and helmets, before wading into the river and setting off.
The river was shallow, not much higher than my knees and lovely and cool. There were dragonflies and butterflies around us and pond skaters raced across the water all around.

We followed our guide Stefano down the river for about 2 hours in all, working our way through a series of rapids and learning how to paddle through them without getting stuck or falling in. (The way to do it is "paddle, paddle, paddle, go, go, go!")

Watch me go!

Campobase also offers white water rafting,cave rafting in the nearby Grotte di Pertosa, which I really wanted to do, but there wasn't enough time to do both, and canyoning (for the fit and healthy only).

The kayaking was not at all scary (I was a bit apprehensive at first, but I ended up loving it) and even when near the finish Stefano told us that we would be going over a 4 1/2 metre waterfall and I felt a shiver of fear go through me, I then thought, what the hell, if it's part of the course it can't be THAT dangerous! Of course it wasn't, he was winding us up, the drop was only about a metre high and brilliant fun!

We hope to go back and try the cave rafting or canyoning soon. Here's a quick montage of our experience:

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