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Where to stay in Positano

I get A LOT of messages from people asking me where to stay in Positano. Usually they don't give me any idea of their budget or preferences so it is really hard to help, not to mention very time consuming. (And they usually don't even say 'please' when they ask, what is that all about?

So I have sat down and put together some lists of places to stay in Positano depending on budget, preferences and location. If you want any further information about any of the places here you can easily use google, which will be quicker than asking me!

So let's start with the cheapest and the most expensive. Positano has got 1 hostel,

And Positano also has 3 5-star hotels:

In between the cheapest and most expensive places to stay there is a huge choice of B&B's, villas, hotels, apartments and boutique hotels and I probably don't know them all so feel free to leave a comment if you want to add to any list.
If you want to rent a villa or apartment you're best off going to Summer in Italy.
If you want a cheaper room or apartment like Casa Stella go to Airbnb.

Hotels with swimming pools in Positano.
Starting with the closest to the main beach and working further away:

Covo dei Saraceni
Palazzo Murat
Le Sirenuse
Il Poseidon
Punta Regina
Eden Roc
Posa Posa
Villa Franca
Hotel Royal
La Fenice
Villa TreVille
Le Agavi
Il San Pietro

Many private villas have pools too, go look on Summer in Italy. A few that I can think of that are great for wedding groups or large families are in no particular order:
Villa Oliviero
Villa Fiorentino
Villa San Giacomo
Villa Boheme
Palazzo Santa Croce
There are many others that I have not visited.

Ok, now let's start at the top of the mountain and work our way down towards the beach. Positano has two little suburbs above the main town, Montepertuso and Nocelle. There aren't any hotels but there are a quite a few B&B's and apartments. It is peaceful and quieter than the main town with breathtaking views and great access for hiking trails.

Where to stay in Nocelle
in no particular order

Casa Cuccaro
Villa Sofia
La Quercia
Villa Casola
Villa Antica Macina
Bacio del Sole
Villa degli Dei

Places stay in Montepertuso

Le Ghiande
Il Pertuso
Colle del'Ara
La Tagliata

Where to stay near the beach in Positano
You just want to relax and avoid the dreaded steps? Here are some ideas of where to stay at beach level in Positano.

Buca di Bacco
La Tartana
La Dolce Vita
La Corellina
La Caravella 
Covo dei Saraceni
Flavio Gioia

Where to stay in the centre of Positano
You like walking around and exploring? Here are some places to stay in the town centre:

Villa Maria Antonietta
Villa Palumbo
Pensione Guadagno
Pensione Maria Luisa
Villa Yiara
Florida Residence

Boutique Hotels
Casa Buonacore
Villa Mary
Casa di Peppe
Villa Rosa

Villa Gabrisa
Palazzo Talamo
Art Hotel Pasitea
Hotel Savoia
Hotel Miramare
Casa Albertina

I'm sure I've forgotten some places, let me know if I should add something. Another good list I found  of places to stay in Positano is here.

Enjoy your stay! 


  1. Excellent list Nicki
    And make reservations early

  2. Thanks Nicki. You've done a great job
    We spent a few days in Villa Nettuno on April
    Breathtaking viewsand very reasonable prices

  3. Stayed at Buca di Baco back in April. Wonderful! View was gorgeous. I cried when they opened the door to the balcony overlooking the sea. So spectacular. Everyone who worked there was so friendly and helpful. Would definitely return there.

  4. I stayed at Hotel California, loved it!! Centrally located near bus stops and great local restaurants nearby. It's about halfway up the mountain.

  5. We've visited Positano 3 times and each time we stayed at Hotel California! Always Happy with our choice.

  6. Stayed at Villa Nettuno. Chau Claudio!!
    94 steps to our room but the view, the view from our balcony!!!! It was worth every step. Love Positano!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Thanks Nicki, No matter where you stay in Positano there are steps. Ether going up to the top or going down to the beach. We stayed at the Buca di Baco and the hotel was chosen because it was beach level but what you don't know is to get out of the hotel and into town you have to hike up a steep incline to get to the street. Even though it was hard on someone who just recovered from a hip replacement I would go back to that beautiful hotel in a heart beat. We stayed in the large balcony room and it was a vacation and hotel to always remember.

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  9. Hi Nicki,

    I am new to your content (youtube and blog) and so I am sorry if you've addressed this question before in the past. However, I am travelling to Positano this summer and I was wondering if you could recommend the best way to get to the town of Positano from Rome.

    I am open to a a bus / train / taxi option if that is what you recommend. I have yet yo find some solid advice on the internet regarding "getting to Positano" and so I would very much appreciate your insight.

    Thank you!

    1. Unfortunately there is no easy way unless you get a taxi which will cost about €400 from Rome. You could get the train to Naples then check out Positano Shuttle, you could try the Marozzi Bus from Tiburtina station in Rome which goes once or twice a day. Other than that the cheapest way is train to Naples, Circumvesuviana to Sorrento, bus to Positano.

  10. Nicki I subscribed to your videos. I love them! Can you make all your videos full screen videos? Some of them have black screen on left and right side. I love the full screen. I feel like I'm their in Positano and other places in Italy. I love the food , the restaurants you and Carlo go to also. Your husband Carlo looks like the actor Benicio del toro. You have a beautiful daughter. She came out beautiful in her modeling videos. I'm new at this, I just subscribed to your videos. I retire in 3 yes and I plan on visiting Positano and some of the areas you recommend. Your videos are like being in a movie. Your a great producer. Thank you Nicki for bringing Italy to our homes. You're the best!!!!

  11. Oh my God! The time you spent making this lovely list! This September, my fiancé and I are going to Ischia, and plan on going once or twice to Positano... and we are also planning our honeymoon, next year, in the Amalfi Coast.... your vídeos and your blog will be very helpfull. I must tell you that I’m a little jealous of your live! Many thanks, love from Porto, Portugal, Patuxa


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