Saturday, January 7

From Sun to Snow - POSITANO VLOG

The beginning of 2017 kicked off with beautiful sunshine and bright blue skies. I decided to start the new year off the best way possible and get some exercise. So I met up with a friend and we hiked up above Positano towards Santa Maria del Castello.
It was so noisy! There was a marching band and music down in the centre of town and we could hear it loud and clear from way up high.

The next day I walked down to the beach and was surprised to see how busy it was, just like summer but with coats and wooly hats. Later o I had to accompany Skye back to school in the UK, so we packed her bags and then had to lug them 800 steps down to road level...Parking outside the house seems like a long lost dream to me).

Back in England for a day I went for a walk with Dad along the towpath before driving Skye back to boarding school and leaving her until February ;-(

And just like that I was on an early morning flight and back in Positano before lunchtime. To my surprise the beautiful sun of a few days ago had been replaced by snowy mountains.

Can't quite imagine it? Then watch the video!


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