Thursday, January 12

Snow in Positano! - POSITANO VLOG

The 6th January, the day of the Befana in Italy: a witch that comes around the houses leaving stockings full of either lumps of coal for the bad kids or sweets and candy for the good kids. Unfortunately it was about -1 Centigrade and very windy in Positano so all the festivities that usually take place on the beach were cancelled. But, not all was lost as Nonno had made an enormous lasagna for all the family! After lunch it started snowing which is very unusual in Positano.

The next day the snow continued to fall but not settle. I braced the cold and took the dog out for a walk up the mountain the the hole of Montepertuso. It was very cold and windy, we didn't last long up there!

On the 8th January I decided to film a photo tour video (which will be published separately) and spent the morning marching around town to all my favourite photo ops. I take you along and manage to not get too confused whilst vlogging and making a separate video simultaneously!

Here's the video version of what I got up to:
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