Wednesday, February 22

Hike from Positano up to a mountain lunch.

Done the Path of the Gods already? Here is an alternative hike that you can do from Positano. It takes you up to the village of Santa Maria di Castello where you can stop for a great lunch before heading back down to either Positano or Montepertuso.

And don't worry, if you haven't got the energy to do the hike yourself, you can join me in the video below!

You start at the steps to the left of the Bar Internazionale, walk up past the church, through the piazza until you see a tunnel. Follow the path through the tunnel and along for a while until you come down to the main road.

Just past the crossroads to Montepertuso there is an abandoned building with steps up the side, this is where the trail starts. The beginning is very steep.

Keep going up!

When you finally reach the top you will find a dirt road that will lead you into the small village of Santa Maria di Castello. To the right, just past the church is a lookout point with a breathtaking view of Positano.
To the left here are 3 restaurants to choose from, Zio Pepe is on the road then a few hundred metres along you will find a turn off to the other 2 restaurants. 

Go eat some good food, you deserve it after that climb!
Just make sure you leave enough time to get back down to Positano before it gets dark!

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