Saturday, March 25

A day trip from Positano to Naples

A day trip from Positano to Naples? Wait, isn't Naples dangerous and scary? Well, not really, it's just as dangerous as any big city, but if you look at studies of the most dangerous cities in Italy then Naples is way down the list with Milan, Bologna and Florence cited as much more dangerous.

I've been enjoying Naples for years and am more than happy to go alone, travel on the Metro and wander around the markets. There is so much to see, you could easily spend a week exploring and only scratch the surface.

Last week we drove into the city for the day, without a real plan and just enjoyed the food and atmosphere. We wandered through the morning food markets, ducked along narrow alleyways and into enormous churches that you would have never guessed were even there. We ate in one of the noisiest restaurants ever and then caught the funicular train to the top of the city an walked around the ramparts of an old castle with breathtaking views.

Here's a video of our day, maybe it will inspire you to visit Naples one day!

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