Tuesday, March 21

Waterfall Hike in Amalfi - Valle delle Ferriere

Waterfalls in Amalfi? The Valle delle Ferriere is full of waterfalls and abandoned factories. Waterfalls slide through gothic arches and plunge into pools all the way through the valley. Once a secret this place has now (unfortunately) been 'discovered'. I blogged about this way back in 2007 and mentioned that we had only seen 4 people in the valley all day long. This time we saw at least 100!

If you want to go there, please wear sensible shoes, take food and water and do not litter.
Once in Amalfi walk up the main street away from the sea and follow the signs to the Valle delle Ferriere.
Or catch a but to Scala, get off at Minuta and walk down from there (see video below for photo indications) 

I also found an old video from years ago when I took my dad up to see the Valley: https://youtu.be/xQP57cLLB5M

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