Wednesday, March 15

What to see in Praiano, Amalfi Coast

Praiano sits in between Positano and Amalfi and most people pass right through without stopping at all. It is a beautiful town, much more peaceful and serene that its bustling neighbours.
I went for a wander around last week, just to see what I could find to do in Praiano off season and I was very pleasantly surprised:

I walked through the alleyways and discovered countless pieces of art, paintings and ceramics that have been embedded in the walls.
I admired the views from the main church piazza below the road and the tiny church of San Maria di Costantinopoli at the very top of the town.
I visited an 800 year old tower where an artist has his studio and I walked a coastal pathway around to the beach of La Praia.
I also visited a limoncello factory where you can see how they utilise every part of the lemon.

Take a look at my day here:

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