Tuesday, April 11

Amalfi Lemon Experience: Lemon Grove Tour

Did you know that you could do a tour of the lemon groves in Amalfi? It is a great half day out and you really get to grips with how the lemon industry works and what the lemons are used for.

Laura from Ciao Amalfi and I were invited to join a tour and we had a great time. Laura has written a very informative blog post on the day so head over to her blog to read about it HERE.

I made a little video of our day so you can get a more visual experience (or in case you might never get there but want to pretend you were there too!)

Here is the website if you want to book a tour: Amalfi Lemon Experience


  1. Nicki,
    Thanks for the video, lovely, I think we will add it to one of our free days in May in Positano. Two questions, what was the cost of the tour and more important did they sell the honey they make? (It must be amazing!)
    PS: thanks for the info about the internal bus, looks like it will be going right by our place. Thank you for all the guidance you provide, it is very much appreciated, thanks to your posts over the years I was recently able to tell my niece, “if you want great sandals in Positano you have to go to Dino, I’ll take you to his shop when we get there”. I hope we run into each other while we’re in town and especially want to meet Holly, quite a cutie!

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